PTD Series

Pull-Type Disc Mower Conditioner

PTD Series - Pull-Type Disc Mower-Conditioner

PTD Series


Disc Mower Conditioners

Challenger PTD Series disc mower conditioners do it all... cutting through the toughest conditions, while gently handling valuable crops; uniformly conditioning plant stems for fast drying, and placing the crop into your choice of a windrow or swath.

With their center-pivot design, the PTD12 and PTD15 even allow you to cut back and forth and on either side of the tractor. Unlike other machines, though, Challenger mower conditioners feature a rugged box-beam mainframe that suspends the header in much the same manner as a self-propelled machine. The benefits include better ground clearance and outstanding vertical and radial flotation.

Model Cutting Width ft (m)      
PTD12B 12'0" (3.7)      
PTD15B 15'3" (4.7)      
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Proven Design

Proven Design

Whether you select the PTD12 or PTD15, you’ll discover a rugged box-beam frame…

Whether you select the PTD12 or PTD15, you’ll discover a rugged box-beam frame that supports and carries the header much like a self-propelled machine. The benefit is greater ground clearance, exceptional vertical and radial flotation and ground-hugging response to varying field contours.

Meanwhile, the drive system features a mechanical driveshaft with quiet, banded-belt power transfer. Center-pivot PTD12 and PTD15 models include two double-stacked gearboxes on the hitch assembly for tight turns without driveline chatter or damage.

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Spur Gear Cutterbed

Spur Gear Cutterbed

All PTD Series disc mower-conditioners feature a spur gear cutterbed that is set into a “cradle”…

All PTD Series disc mower-conditioners feature an easily serviced spur gear cutterbed that is set into a “cradle” to keep it from twisting or flexing, thereby contributing to a longer service life. The gear-to-gear drive system further lowers the profile, for close cutting. Yet, each gear assembly and adjacent idler gear can be individually removed and serviced. Both drive gear bearings and idler bearings on the cutterbar are pre-lubricated and sealed for longer life.

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Uniform Conditioning

Take your choice of conditioner options on most models for thorough conditioning that matches the crop and climate.

Take your choice of conditioner options on most models for thorough conditioning that matches the crop and climate. While rubber on steel rolls are standard on the PTD10 and PTD12, steel-on-steel rolls are standard on the 15’ 3” PTD15. However, customers can also order the PTD10 and PTD12 with TiCor rolls, which are shallow-lugged, intermeshing rubber rolls made from tire core material. Steel-on-steel conditioner rolls are available on the PTD12, as well. 

All models have a unique eccentric linkage that allows the conditioner rolls to temporarily separate, eject a slug, then reset automatically. The PTD12 and PTD15 feature 110-inch rolls, while the PTD10 conditioner measures 75.3 inches in length. The wide rolls also provide more room for the crop mat to spread, ensuring that every stem gets crimped.

For a totally different conditioning action, Challenger® PTD12 owners can also choose the Challenger spoke conditioner. A total of 74 free-swinging spokes, mounted on a rotor, spin at 722 rpm to effectively condition the crop and force it to rub against the conditioning panel. This, in turn, removes the waxy coating from plant stems, allowing them to dry faster.

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Challenger PTD Series disc mower-conditioners are available with a number of options designed for special needs and applications.

  • High skid shoes
  • Hydraulic header tilt (PTD12 and PTD15)

Three Year Cutterbar Warranty

All new Disc Mower Conditioners feature a standard 3 year cutterbar warranty covering the cast iron module and all internal parts of the cutterbar.

Items covered under the warranty:

  • Cutterbar Module Casting
  • Idler Bearings & Idler Gears
  • Gear Spindles & Assembly
  • Spindle Bearings
  • Seals
  • Normal wear parts are not covered knives, disc, skid plates etc.

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