PTS Series

Pull-Type Sickle Mower-Conditioner

PTS Series - Pull-Type Sickle Mower-Conditioner

PTS Series


Sickle Mower Conditioners

Want the performance of a Challenger self-propelled windrower at the cost of a pull-type machine? Take a look at the Challenger PTS sickle mower-conditioners.

They offer many of the same features, including excellent vertical and radial flotation; dual, counter-rotating conveyor augers, and 110-inch conditioner rolls. The PTS16 even offer the same half-swaybar, dual sickle system that cuts through hay at 1,840 strokes per minute.

Model Cutting Width ft (m)      
PTS16 16' (4.87)      
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Proven Design

Proven Design

 The PTS16 Series feature a center-pivot design based on a solid, heavy duty box-beam frame.

All three models in the PTS Series feature a center-pivot design based on a solid, heavy duty box-beam frame that supports and carries the header much like a self-propelled machine.

The benefit is greater ground clearance, exceptional vertical and radial flotation and ground-hugging response to varying field contours.

Unlike some mower conditioners, PTS Series mower conditioners also have the conditioner mounted to the header, instead of the frame, so crop material always enters the conditioner at a consistent angle for more uniform conditioning.

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Fast Cutting

Fast Cutting

The PTS Series mower-conditioner features a half-swaybar sickle drive with counterbalanced flywheel.

The PTS Series mower-conditioners feature a half-swaybar sickle drive with counterbalanced flywheel that drives the sickles in a smooth, reciprocal motion. Peak starting, stopping and cutting loads are reduced.

The PTS12 uses a single sickle that operates at 1,630 strokes per minute, while the PTS14 and PTS16 use a dual sickle system that operates at a rapid 1,840 strokes-per-minute to slice through your toughest crop.

All three models feature bolt-on sickle sections and flat sickle hold-downs that allow a close tolerance between the sickle and guards for cleaner cutting with less maintenance.

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Gentle Conditioning

Gentle Conditioning

The steel-on-steel conditioner available on most models provides thorough conditioning that matches the crop and climate.

Take your choice of conditioner options on most models for thorough conditioning that matches the crop and climate. While steel-on-steel rolls are standard on the PTS16, The PTS12 and PTS14 are available with either steel-on-steel or rubber on steel rolls.

Regardless of the conditioner type, all models have a unique eccentric linkage that allows the conditioner rolls to temporarily separate, eject a slug, then reset automatically.

Measuring a full 110 inches in length, the rolls crimp, rather than crush, the crop so the stems lose moisture evenly without losing nutritious leaves. The wide rolls also provide more room for the crop mat to spread, ensuring that every stem gets crimped.

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Challenger PTS Series mower-conditioners are available with a number of options designed for special needs and applications. 

  • Gauge wheel kit
  • Header reverse kit
  • Crop divider kit
  • Center skid shoe
  • Narrow windrow kit
  • Quick hitch kit
  • Conversion kit for 1,000 rpm (PTS12) or 540 rpm (PTS14/PTS16)

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