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Small Square Balers

Challenger SB Series - Small Square Balers

SB Series


Small Square Balers

Challenger’s SB Series small square balers don’t look like.. or work like... other brands. Instead, these “straight chuters” move crop material in a straight line from the pickup to the bale chute. There are no right angle turns or cross conveying mechanisms, which means there’s less leaf loss, greater bale density and improved efficiency.

Other benefits of the centerline baler design include better visibility and quicker roading. Since transport and working positions are one in the same, you’ll also benefit from less compaction and the ability to travel in any direction through the field.

Model Bale Size
in (mm)
Min. Tractor
hp (kW)
SB34 14"H x 18"W x 12" to 52"L (356 x 457 x 304 to 1321) 35 (26)    
SB36 14"H x 18"W x 12" to 52"L (356 x 457 x 304 to 1321) 35 (26)    
SB44 16"H x 18"W x 12" to 52"L (406 x 457 x 304 to 1321) 50 (37)    
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Solid Construction

Solid Construction

All SB Series rectangular balers from Challenger are built with unitized, welded box-beam construction and high-strength steel main frame, axles, hitch and other components. The centerline design in combination with rugged components virtually eliminates twisting and increases both durability and longevity.

Power transmission, meanwhile, is directed from the driveshaft through an overrunning clutch, then through a dual-plate slip clutch. This allows the baler flywheel to freewheel when the tractor PTO is disengaged, reducing wear on the PTO. A constant velocity driveline also lets you turn sharply without driveline chatter and vibration. That means faster turnaround in the field and reduced wear and tear on the driveline.

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Low-Profile, Centerline Design

With their low-profile, centerline design, Challenger SB Series rectangular balers are towed in line with the drawbar. The pickup is squarely up front, so the crop follows a straight line from the pickup through the baler and out the back. Because the field and road positions are one in the same, SB Series rectangular balers naturally tow narrower than most competitive models.

All three models have an overall width of under nine feet. That means safer roading... and the capability of crossing narrower bridges and passing through smaller gates.

Because the baler is directly in line with the tractor drawbar, and the weight on the baler tires is equally distributed, it also means that side draft is virtually eliminated. This is especially important when you’re using a bale thrower or pulling a wagon in hilly conditions. Plus, any wagon being towed behind the baler is directly in line with the tractor drawbar, rather than off to the side, where it can exert a twisting force to the baler frame.

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Bale Formation

Bale Formation

Productivity on a Challenger SB rectangular baler starts at the wide, low-profile pickup that gets the hay that other machines can miss. Four tine bars on the SB36 and SB44 and three tine bars on the SB34 ensure that windrows are swept clean. Gauge wheels on each end of the pickup further contribute to the clean sweep by allowing the pickup to follow the contour of the field without bouncing. The pickup flotation can also be adjusted to match the terrain.

Once the crop enters the pickup, centering augers move the material to the center, where it is pulled into the special prepacker chamber. In effect, each flake is preformed before being swept straight into the bale chamber.  This preformed flake concept ensures consistent bale density and uniform flake size throughout the bale. You get higher-quality bales that are easier to stack, easier to haul and easier to feed. . Plus, nutritious leaves are distributed throughout the bale, not concentrated on the side or bottom of the bale. It all adds up to higher-quality bales.

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Challenger SB Series rectangular balers are available with a long list of options designed for special needs and applications.

  • Hydraulic bale thrower  (Available on SB34 and SB36)Hydraulic bale density control (Standard on SB44; optional on SB34 and SB36)
  • Hydraulic pickup lift (Standard on SB44; optional on SB34 and SB36)
  • Bale chute (SB44)
  • Bale chute extension
  • Quarter turn bale chute (SB34 and SB36)
  • Wagon hitch kit (SB34 and SB36)
  • Light kit
  • Knotter lubrication system (SB44)
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