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Sickle Headers - Leading the Way

AHC and AHCT Series


Sickle Headers

Designed to fit both SP “C” Series windrowers, as well as earlier “B” Series models, all AHC and AHCT Series sickle headers feature a timed, dual-sickle system that operates at 1,840 strokes per minute. All models also feature dual, counter-rotating augers that maintain the “butt-first” crop orientation started by the adjustable lean bar. The result is smooth, uniform feeding to the conditioner rolls.

Different customers have different needs, however. So customers have a choice of conditioner roll options on certain header models. The AHC 14’ and AHC 16’ sickle headers are both available with rubber-on-steel and steel-on-steel roll configurations, while the AHC 18’ is available with steel-on-steel only.

The AHCT headers, meanwhile, feature Challenger’s TwinMax™ conditioner, designed for growers who want the maximum in conditioning action. Available in 14 ft. (4.3 m) and 16 ft. (4.9 m) cutting widths, AHCT TwinMax headers utilize not one, but two separate sets of conditioner rolls positioned in-line for double conditioning. The front pair consists of steel-on-steel rolls, while the rear set incorporates intermeshing rubber rolls. Both sets of rolls are hydraulically tensioned and individually adjustable, giving the operator a near infinite level of adjustments and conditioning action that can be matched to any crop and drying condition.

Due to their special design, all rubber-on-steel and steel-on-steel conditioner rolls are fully engaged, not intermeshed, to crimp plant stems along their entire length. Crop leaves are retained for higher protein content and stems dry at the same speed as the leaves. A standard header reverser on all models allows the operator to back large objects or slugs out of the conditioner and header without leaving the seat.

Model Cutting Width ft (m)
AHC14 14 (43.)
AHC16 16 (4.9)
AHC18 18 (5.5)
AHCT14 14 (4.3)
AHCT16 16 (4.9)
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Reliable Sickle Drive

Reliable Sickle Drive

You won’t find a smoother, more reliable sickle drive than the half-swaybar system used on all AHC Series headers. Combined with a counterbalanced flywheel, the half-swaybar drives the sickle with a reciprocating motion that helps reduce peak starting, stopping and cutting loads.

Adjustable Reel Cam Track

Adjustable Reel Cam Track

An adjustable cam track allows the operator to control the point at which the crop is released from the tines to the augers. In effect, the header can be matched to a wide range of crop conditions with only minor adjustment.

Counter-Rotating Dual Augers

Counter-Rotating Dual Augers

Dual, counter-rotating augers run the full width of the header, providing not one, but two “live” feeding elements for smoother, quicker transition from the reel to the conditioner. Unlike single augers, the dual auger system continues the “butt first” crop orientation started by the lean bar, while ensuring even feeding across the full width of the conditioner rolls.

And while there have been imitations, there are no equals. Challenger sickle headers feature a slip clutch on each auger for maximum protection, as well as center supports on the bottom augers for less vibration and reduced risk of damage. Plus, the top auger on the new C Series headers floats up to 1.4 inches (36 mm) for more efficient feeding of light crops while maintaining the ability to adjust to a heavy crop mat when necessary.

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