Sunflower Land Finishers

Land Finishers


Perform your discing, incorporation, cultivating, and field finishing in one tillage pass with the Sunflower Land Finishers.

Model 6220 Land Finisher can enhance seed-to-soil contact and create a favorable environment for early root growth. Model 6220 is designed for smaller tractors but delivers large performance.

Model 6332 Land Finisher is easily adjustable, feature packed, and fits a wide range of medium horsepower tractors. With the Sunflower Land Finishers, you will be a more efficient operator by cutting your farm input cost in fuel use, tractor wear, multiple implement cost and anti-compaction campaigns.

Easy Mounting

Easy Mounting

Challenger MLB Series loaders offer the perfect blend of easy mounting and solid attachment. It starts with a rugged subframe designed specifically for Challenger tractors. As a result, the Challenger tractor and loader combination retain superior balance, visibility, maneuverability and performance.

To further eliminate movement, Challenger loaders incorporate a unique adjusting screw that locks the loader frame securely to the subframe - creating a solid, integrated combination.

Implement System

Challenger offers a wide range of versatile implements that fit all loader models. Choices include a variety of buckets for numerous applications, as well as a selection of forks, grapples and grip attachments for handling bales, pallets, logs and wrapped silage bales.

  • Series H (Material Buckets)
  • Series HD (Heavy Duty Material Buckets)
  • Series HT (Construction Tooth Buckets)
  • Series HV (Light Material/Snow Buckets)
  • Pallet Forks
  • Log Grab (For Pallet Forks)
  • Maxi Grapple
  • Big Bale Fork With Backstop
  • FlexiGrip
  • QuadroGrip
  • 3-point Hitch Counter Weight
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Solid Construction

Solid Construction

Challenger MLB Series loaders are designed with features that promise to make work easier, while making time on the job more productive.

  • The main loader arms are constructed of two U-shaped, high-strength alloy steel channels fitted together and welded on the inside for a 70 mm wide profile with a clean, strong appearance.
  • Grease fittings are covered with plastic caps to give the loader a stylish look.
  • Ozone-resistant hydraulic hoses are routed inside the double-C section loader beams for an uncluttered view and serious protection.
  • Patented Compact Valve — incorporated into the cross tube and hidden under a cover, the Compact Valve connects all functions at one point for easier service and synchronized flow between the left and right sides, regardless of the load, oil temperature or hydraulic pressure.
  • Replaceable, triple-layer bushings, with long lubrication intervals, ensure maximum service life.
  • Hydraulic rams are manufactured according to strict guidelines and are pressure tested twice during the inspection process.
  • A relief valve protects against damage to the loader and tractor should the load on the implement rams exceed the operating range of the tractor/loader combination.
  • A built-in position indicator helps track the angle of the bucket or attachment.
  • An ingenious Automatic Angle Control feature lets the bucket return to a chosen angle after dumping.
  • A service shutoff valve on the lift cylinder coupling allows the operator to lock the loader in any position for servicing.
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