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Wheel Tractors

Challenger MT400B Series Tractor
75-100 PTO hp

Challenger® MT400B Series tractors offer a variety of configurations to fit almost any farming…

Challenger MT400D Series Utility Tractor
90-125 PTO hp

Mid-range tractors boasting big features in a compact, maneuverable design.

Challenger MT500D Series Row Crop Tractors
MT500D Series
110-195 PTO hp

More Power. More Options. More Innovation.

Challenger MT500E Series Row Crop Tractors
MT500E Series
170-240 Engine hp

Five ways to rise above.

Challenger MT600E Series Row Crop Tractors
240-340 hp

Greater power, efficiency and comfort than ever before...…

Challenger MT600D Series Row Crop Tractors
205-290 PTO hp

The robust, modern Challenger® MT600D Series is specially designed to...…

Track and Articulated Tractors

Challenger MT700E Series Track Tractors
350-400 Engine hp

Often imitated but never duplicated efficiency and traction.

Challenger MT700D Series Track Tractors
327-350 Engine hp

Pushing Power and Efficiency

Challenger MT800E Series Track Tractors
450 - 590 Engine hp

Our largest track machine is all beast, no burden.

Challenger MT800C Series Track Tractors
410 - 585 Engine hp

The MT800C Series is the only high horsepower track tractor that can be configured...

Challenger MT900E Articulated Tractors
490-590 Engine hp

The ultimate articulated machine now packs more power. ...

Challenger MT900C Articulated Tractors
440-585 Engine hp

The MT900C Series is at the top of the articulated 4-wheel ...

Special Application Tractors

Challenger Scraper Tractors
Scraper Tractors
440 - 585 Engine hp

The MT800C and MT900C Series Special Application tractors are equipped...


Challenger ML Series Loaders
ML Series

Thanks to rugged construction and a broad range of attachments, Challenger ML Series front-end loaders...


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