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Challenger® MT400B Series tractors offer a variety of configurations to fit almost any farming or ranching operation — including 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive; open platform or cab and a choice of open- or closed-center hydraulics.

These tough tractors deliver all the strength, power and reliability one would expect from a Challenger tractor. Whether they’re at work around the farm, moving materials on the construction site or mowing the median on a state highway, Challenger MT400B Series tractors give more at every turn.

More torque, more control, more serviceability features and more fuel left at the end of the day are just a few trademarks of the MT400B Series.

Model PTO hp (kW) Engine    
MT445B 75 (56) Cat® C4.4 ACERT    
MT455B 85 (63) Cat® C4.4 ACERT    
MT465B 95 (71) Cat® C4.4 ACERT    
MT475B 100 (75) Cat® C6.6 ACERT    
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Legendary Cat® diesel engines power all of the MT400B Series tractors. Whether it’s the Cat C4.4 ACERT® or the Cat C6.6 ACERT® (MT475B only), these engines provide outstanding power and reliability, not to mention the latest tier III technology for lower emissions, increased fuel efficiency and decreased noise levels.

Cat C6.6 ACERT®

Cat C4.4 ACERT®

Additional Features:

  • Precise electronic control of the common rail fuel injection system
  • Four valves per cylinder
  • Smart wastegate inside the turbocharger
  • Single-piece, cast-iron block 
  • Air-to-air intercooler
  • Electronic Engine Management
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The AutoPower IV is the kind of versatile, reliable transmission operators have been looking for to meet today’s demanding applications. With a combination of four ranges and four powershifts, it is easily the simplest 16 X 16 semi-powershift transmission in its market.

Single-Lever Control

Simply pulse the special T-handle forward or back to make sequential shifts through the four ranges and powershifts – all without clutching.

Fingertip Power Control

The three-function shuttle lever, located on the left side of the steering column, provides convenient fingertip control of forward/reverse shuttling, powershift changes and declutching.

Shuttle Intensity

A rotary dial on the right-hand console lets the operator adjust the intensity of shuttle engagement to match application needs and preferences.

Creeper and Supercreeper Options

Creeper and supercreeper provide gear reduction ratios of 4:1 and 14:1 for speeds down to .4 mph (0.6 km/h) using creeper and .11 mph (0.2 km/h) with supercreeper.

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Hydraulic muscle comes standard with the MT400B Series. Plus, there are plenty of options and flexibility features for virtually any application.

  • Standard equipment is an open-center system that delivers 26 gpm (100 lpm) to handle a wide range of applications.
  • MT400B Series models are also available with a hydraulic system that delivers 15 gpm (57 lpm) to the rear remotes.
  • Cab models are available with a Closed-Center Load-Sensing (CCLS) hydraulic system that delivers 29 gpm (110 lpm).
  • Two remotes are standard on all models with the option of a third and fourth valve.
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Operator Area

Operator Area

Cab or flat-deck platform, the MT400B Series provides plenty of comfort, control, roominess and visibility – all designed to improve operator efficiency and productivity.


All MT400B Series tractors come with a fully adjustable spring suspension seat as standard equipment. All cab models feature an optional air-ride swivel seat with armrests as well as an instructor seat.

Easy-To-Reach Control Console

All major tractor and implement controls are conveniently located on the right-hand control console for maximum productivity and minimal fatigue.

Mechanical Cab Suspension

The new Mechanical Cab Suspension system option utilizes silent block bushes at the front of the cab and a pair of spring assisted shock absorbers mounted at the rear. Damping is also provided in three dimensions with a panhard rod for lateral stability.

Full Visibility

All models feature a narrow, sloping hood and either an A-post mounted exhaust or an optional down-swept exhaust (4-cylinder models only).

Other comfort and convenience amenities:

  • Tilt and telescopic steering column
  • Foldable ROPS (on open-platform models)
  • Responsive climate control system (on cab models)
  • 61 square feet of glass (on cab models)
  • 2 front grill high/low beam headlights
  • 2 double-element cab roof work lights
  • 2 double-element rear work lights
  • Extra field lights on the hand rails (optional)
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Electronic Linkage Control and PTO

Electronic Linkage Control and PTO

The Electronic Linkage Control (ELC) system features electronic draft sensing and lift capacities up to 9,189 lbs (4,168 kg).

Hitch-mounted implements are precisely controlled with the MT400B Series’ ELC system. These category II hitches are ideal for implements such as planters, cultivators, rear blades and mowers.

All MT400B models also feature an independent dual speed (540/1,000 rpm) PTO and an optional economy PTO. Speeds are clearly displayed on the easy-to-read digital display on the instrument panel.

The economy PTO is perfect for equipment that does not require maximum horsepower. This option reduces engine speed by 23 percent while still maintaining full PTO shaft speed. The slower engine speeds reduce fuel consumption, noise, vibration and wear.

The MT475B is also available with an integrated front 3-point hitch and PTO system. 21 spline, 1,000 rpm front PTO and two hydraulic remotes are also optional for added versatility.

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The MT400B series was engineered with serviceability in mind.

Several features contribute to easy service including:

  • Daily service points, like engine oil level, engine oil fill and fuel filter drain, are accessed without raising the hood.
  • Transmission and hydraulic oil levels can be easily monitored at the rear of the tractor.
  • The one-piece, styled hood lifts at the front for unprecedented access to the cooling system, air filter and key service points.
  • No tools are required to separate the cooling cores to remove trash build-up or blockage.
  • A new cassette-type engine air cleaner on the MT475B makes service even less time-consuming.
  • The pivoting cooling package on the MT475B conveniently tilts up and away from each other for complete access and easy cleaning.
  • The cab air filter, located under the cab roof overhang, is easily removed without tools for cleaning or replacement.
  • The battery has been relocated beneath the right-side platform/cab steps for easier access.
  • An optional battery disconnect allows the operator to completely disconnect the battery from the tractor electrical system.
  • A weatherproof toolbox, molded into the fuel tank, provides convenient storage for tools and field supplies.


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