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No tractor tackles the tough jobs with this much ease. Designed with comfort and versatility in mind, the Challenger MT400D Series is ideal for loader work, hay production, planting and tillage, and general on-the-farm use. With its shorter wheelbase and industry leading 4-cylinder AGCO POWER™ engine, the MT400D is sure to be the most maneuverable and versatile workhorse on your farm.

Model PTO hp Engine Transmission
MT455D 90 110 AutoPower4
MT465D 100 120 AutoPower4
MT475D 100 130 TechStar CVT
MT485D 110
TechStar CVT
MT495D 120
TechStar CVT
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A newly refined AGCO POWER 4.9L diesel engine powers the MT400D Series. Meeting the stringent new Tier 4i emissions requirements for North America, this power plant features several new and many proven systems for ensuring power and performance while delivering cleaner emissions.

  • Like all AGCO POWER engines, this 4.9L diesel was built from the ground up specifically for ag applications – giving you significant advantages.
  • The new Tier 4i engines offer SCR Emission Technology, a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and an EEM4 engine controller.
  • These new features are in addition to specifications previously found on the AGCO POWER Tier 3 engines including: cross-flow cylinder heads with 4 valves per cylinder, wet cylinder liners with mid supports, turbocharging and air-to-air intercooler, high pressure common rail fuel injection, fracture split connecting rods and balanced rotating groups.
  • With clean air technology, these engines offer the most farmer-friendly approach to meeting EPA standards, with no trade-offs in power, productivity or operating cost.
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The MT400D Series tractors offer three different transmissions to give growers a choice in performance and capabilities. The AutoPower IV Transmission is a 16x16 power shift and power shuttle gearbox that has been a staple of Challenger tractors for many years, while the AutoPower VI is a 24x24 power shift and power shuttle transmission that offers more gears to provide additional working speeds. For those who require the ultimate in performance and comfort, the TechStar™ CVT gives operators infinite speed selection, less power loss, higher efficiency, and greater productivity.


The MT400D’s comfortable cab offers a significant improvement over its predecessors. Identical in size to the cab of the MT500D Series, the large 6-post design with a flat deck offers 62.5 square feet of glass for an exceptional view in all directions. Ride in comfort with a choice of either mechanical cab suspension featuring spring-over-shock mounts, or a deluxe hydraulic cab suspension with hydraulic dampers.

  • Improved Visibility
    The newly refined 4-cylinder engine provides for a narrow shaped one-piece composite hood, improving forward visibility.
  • New Front Dash
    Modeled after the MT600D Series, the MT400D Series dash display features a sleek shaped steering wheel and a dash console with Dot Matrix capabilities for managing tractor functions.
  • Easy-To-Reach Control Console
    A new right hand console and pillar console with modern controls offer convenience and functionality with intuitive design.
  • Options For Layout Of Controls
    Choose from several options for the layout of cab controls, including an armrest console with integrated transmission, hydraulic, loader and other functions.  


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The hydraulic system in the MT400D Series has been designed for the heavy demands of high capacity implements and heavy-lifting loaders. Plus, find a wide range of options and flexible features for virtually any application.

Choices include:

  • The most basic option is an open-center system with a single pump that delivers 15 gpm to the 3-point hitch, loader and implements.
  • An available Twin Flow system is an open center hydraulic system that features two engine-driven pumps – a 15 gpm pump dedicated to the rear 3-point hitch, and an 11 gpm pump dedicated to the implement system. The operator can combine the hydraulic flow of both pumps at the press of a button, achieving 26 gpm of hydraulic flow to the implement system and loader.
  • For the highest hydraulic performance, a Closed-Center Load-Sensing (CCLS) hydraulic system delivers up to 29 gpm of flow, on demand, to implements and attachments. A variable displacement piston pump provides quick response and great performance without wasting horsepower.
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Front Axle Suspension

An available front axle suspension system achieves both performance and comfort with a simple design that’s both durable and reliable. The suspension can be turned on or off via a push button in the cab during loader operation or whenever not needed. By pushing the front axle into the ground using the hydraulic suspension, the tractor experience less power hop and wheel slip while improving ride quality for the operator.

Front 3-point hitch

Each MT400D Series model can be equipped with a front 3-point hitch. Integrated into the front framework of the tractor chassis, the hydraulic lift has a capacity of 6,000 lbs at the link ends for supporting ballast weight or front mounted implements.

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