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Row Crop Tractors

The rugged and reliable Challenger® MT500D series takes on your toughest jobs with the power to quickly turn them into finished jobs. You’ll also appreciate the built-in comfort and control to keep a long day from feeling that way.

Model Engine Cylinder Displacement Engine
MT515D AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 120 110 AutoPower IV (16x16)
MT525D AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 130 110 AutoPower VI (24x24) or TechStar CVT
MT525D AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 130 120 AutoPower IV (16x16)
MT535D AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 150 120 AutoPower VI (24x24) or TechStar CVT
MT545D AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 165 130 AutoPower VI (24x24), or TechStar CVT
MT555D AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 170 140 AutoPower VI (24x24) or TechStar CVT
MT565D AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 180 150 AutoPower VI (24x24) or TechStar CVT
MT575D AGCO POWER 6 6.6L 200 165 AutoPower VI (24x24) or TechStar CVT
MT585D AGCO POWER 6 7.4L 220 180 AutoPower VI (24x24) or TechStar CVT
MT595D AGCO POWER 6 7.4L 240 195 AutoPower VI (24x24)
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The strength to hammer your toughest jobs comes from the AGCO POWER Tier 4i compliant engine with clean-air technology. This six-cylinder workhorse is forged from solid cast iron to be on the job for years to come.

  • Four valves per cylinder and a new injector location deliver more efficient combustion.
  • Cross-flow head design for cooler intake temperature and a higher energy intake charge.
  • Single-side servicing gets you in the field faster to humiliate tough jobs.
  • Large viscous drive fan runs only when you need it to save fuel and horsepower.
  • Narrow in-line design helps you see more and turn in a shorter radius.


The simplicity and performance of the TechStar ™ CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) means your toughest jobs are living on borrowed time.

  • The industry’s only clutchless, stepless transmission means less maintenance and a truly smooth ride.
  • Access the speed choices and power reserves hiding in the speed ranges between gears.
  • Move the control lever in the direction you want to go and choose your speed. That’s all there is to it.
  • Three automatic versions of pedal mode quickly change with the demands of the job.
  • Industry-exclusive power management helps the engine and transmission work together on the most efficient setting.
  • Two continually variable speed ranges keep you on the move, whether you’re working in the field or in transport.
Hydraulics, Linkage & PTO

Hydraulics, Linkage & PTO

  • Closed-center, high-performance hydraulics provide flow to multiple functions at up to 29 gpm and 2,900 psi.
  • Unique multi-function hydraulic control joystick means shorter cycles and less operator fatigue. 
  • Electronic remote hydraulic levers mean fingertip control of multiple functions.
  • Customizable hydraulic settings put you in control.
  • Serious hitch performance gives you some of the highest lift capacities in its class.

  • Quickly choose the PTO setting that best fits the job you’re doing.
  • Optional three-point hitch helps you take on more jobs.
Operator Area

Operator Area

This is the largest, roomiest, quietest and most technologically evolved cab on the planet. So you stay comfortable and alert from sun-up to sundown.

  • Three package options for the ultimate in versatility, operator comfort and ease-of-operation.
  • Roomy cab with more headroom, automatic air conditioning, 360° picture window view and unparalleled sound-pressure level.
  • Settle back in the fully adjustable, air-ride swivel seat or choose the added comfort of the optional extra-wide seat with added cushioning.
  • Redesigned, seat-mounted control arm organizes all controls by function while placing them at your fingertips.
  • The control arm also includes an advanced ISOBUS-based Tractor Management Center with video capability and integrated control of any ISOBUS-compliant equipment.


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