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With more power, efficiency and comfort than ever before, the MT600E is seriously on a roll. An AGCO POWER™ 84 designed solely for the demands of agricultural applications produces big torque down low where it counts. With redesigned cooling and hydraulic systems ready for the pressures of any job, it’s built to set new benchmarks for productivity.

Model Engine Max Engine hp (kW) PTO hp (kW)
MT645E AGCO Power™ 8.4L 270 (199) 205 (151)
MT655E AGCO Power™ 8.4L 295 (220) 225 (168)
MT665E AGCO Power™ 8.4L 320 (239) 250 (186)
MT675E AGCO Power™ 8.4L 350 (261) 275 (205)
MT685E AGCO Power™ 8.4L 370 (276) 290 (216)


All MT600D Series tractors are equipped with AGCO Power™ engines that guarantee precision power and high performance.

  • These engines feature Tier IVi-compliant Electronic Engine Management (EEM). EEM makes fine adjustments to the fuel injection, resulting in lower emissions, more power and fuel economy. EEM also enables a range of advanced engine control functions, including Engine Speed Control.

  • The revolutionary clean air technology is a post combustion, after-treatment process that takes place in the exhaust system, rather than in the engine. The system is not only better for the environment, but it allows for optimum engine tuning at the factory.

  • Switches are mindfully mounted on the armrest enabling engine speed to be pre-set and memorized.

  • The ability to return quickly and easily to precise engine speeds, will boost productivity, improve work quality and simplify operation for daily tasks.


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The TechStar™ Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is standard on all MT600D Series models, providing variable speed control (from 0–31 mph) with optimum power, engine speed and fuel efficiency. Resulting in a significant gain of output and productivity.

To operate, simply push the armrest-mounted lever forward or backwards to increase or decrease speed. No shifting gears. No jerks. No breaks in traction or power. Just infinite speed control from supercreep to high transport speeds.

Additional TechStar CVT Features:

Power Management (PM)

When activated, the electronic management system automatically controls engine speed according to the load to maximize fuel efficiency, reduce engine noise and extend service life.

Active Stop

Stops forward/reverse travel by simply lifting the shuttle lever.

Left-Hand Power Control

Allows the operator to change speed in both directions and control forward/reverse shuttles.

Choice of operating modes

Lever or Pedal mode.


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The MT600D Series has a closed-center, pressure- and flow-compensated hydraulic system that provides flow rates up to 46 g/pm (175 lpm) and 2,900 psi (200 bar).

Four spool valves are standard, while a fifth and sixth spool valve are optional.

Precisely adjust flow rates, timed detents and individual valve operation from the cab’s electronic Tractor Management Center (TMC) display.


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Pinnacle View Cab

Pinnacle View Cab

The Pinnacle View cab design brings the highest level of comfort and technology. Combined with a number of innovative and advanced features, such as the 4-point cab suspension, Control Center ergonomics, Tractor Management Center (TMC) Armrest and TMC Display, the cab provides an exceptional environment in which to operate the tractor.


The cab provides industry leading levels of noise reduction, visibility, space and access. The four-post construction allows full visibility in all directions, with a single wide door and unobstructed flat floor providing excellent access. The width of the cab enables the provision of a wide armrest in conjunction with a wide angle of swivel. The rear window is curved for an excellent three-quarter and rear view.


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Tractor Management Center (TMC)

Tractor Management Center (TMC)

Challenger’s unique Tractor Management Center (TMC), puts core functions at the operator’s fingertips and includes the new ISOBUS TMC display. As the international standard for electronic communications used in agriculture, ISOBUS allows any compliant tractor to communicate to any compliant implement, no matter the manufacturer.

The TMC allows the operator to monitor all tractor, engine and transmission functions. As well as check/adjust hydraulic flow settings from the cab. The TMC also provides the ability to control ISOBUS-compliant implements, eliminating the need for additional monitors or control boxes in the cab. Simply plug and play for seamless operation.

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