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The best ton-for-ton tractor just got bigger and stronger and now delivers even greater horsepower. The AGCO POWER™ 9.8L engine comes armed with up to 400 hp for tackling the most demanding conditions. Plus, the new MT700E Series is equipped with our patented Mobil-trac™ system for superior traction and less compaction. You’ll find a wide array of track offerings and gauge settings to adapt to any application, and the simplicity of its design minimizes maintenance costs.


Model Engine Engine hp (kW)  
MT755E AGCO POWER™ 9.8L 350 (261)  
MT765E AGCO POWER™ 9.8L 375 (280)  
MT775E AGCO POWER™ 9.8L 400 (298)  

AGCO POWER™ 9.8L Engine

By generating a greater torque rise over a wider range of RPM’s, you get unmatched lugging ability for maximum productivity – no need to downshift or pull the implement out of the ground. A higher sustained torque curve also means you’ll save on fuel while extending engine life. How is this possible? Because all AGCO POWER engines are specifically designed from the ground up for ag applications – not retrofitted from an on-highway engine.

Mobile-trac™ system

Challenger’s exclusive Mobil-trac undercarriage system keeps you in constant contact with the ground for better traction and reduced slip, more pulling ability, greater efficiency and a smoother ride overall. Challenger track tractors have an average of 41% greater surface area contacting the ground at a given time when compared to that of a wheeled tractor. Even weight distribution across two tracks provides superior traction and reduced compaction for improved yields.

Features include:

  • Oscillating midwheels to mold the track to the earth for constant traction over uneven terrain delivering the industry’s smoothest ride as it contours to every ridge, bump and run.
  • Available gauge settings from 72" - 160" and seven-track width. The Mobil-trac system reduces compaction, transfers power to the ground and gives you more muscle across the board.
  • Operators will notice the difference with advanced Marsh Mellow® springs cutting vibration and shock.
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Our hydraulics system is stable and when adjusted properly can reduce fuel consumption, hydraulic noise and heat. With up to 85 gallons per minute flow on the 700E Series, you have enough pump capacity to handle the most demanding hydraulically-powered implements.

Features include:

  • Up to a 85 gpm hydraulic pump and 36 gpm of flow available at each hydraulic remote.
  • Our standard three-point hitch has a lift capacity in excess of 16,000 pounds.
  • Standard drawbars built to withstand up to 10,000 pounds of vertical load, swing nine degrees from the tractor centerline when unpinned. And for heavy tillage operations, a wide-swinging drawbar option swings a full 32 degrees.
  • A closed-center, load-sensing pressure flow compensating system, offering a 58 gpm. pump as a standard feature. A 85 gpm pump option is available for applications like scrapers and large planters.
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Working hard never felt so good with the MT700E’s unsurpassed comfort and ergonomic controls. Glide through the field with oscillating midwheels, Marsh Mellow® springs and an air suspension seat beneath you.

Features include:

  • An air-suspension seat that adapts to any size operator and offers a range of settings.
  • A four-post design offering full visibility.
  • The Tractor Management Center (TMC) lets you electronically adjust flow rates, timed detents and individual valve operation through a color screen display capable of video, 12 soft keys and rotary dial.
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